Smile Makeover in Turkey

Are you not satisfied with the cosmetics of your teeth? 

More than 85% of adults argue that an unattractive smile makes them less attractive to the opposite gender. It is possible to understand this fear.

We also offer advice on cosmetic concerns as well as addressing your dental health.

Smile Makeover is not only for film stars.

A cosmetic problem can sometimes show or maybe the reason for dental issues. Such issues may be dealt with before they become complicated and painful.

If you have loose, broken or damaged teeth, it might show tooth decay or gum disease in your mouth. In addition to this, missing teeth or caries might also cause problems in your biting or in your gums, and this might be expensive to have fixed later. If you have discolored teeth, this might mean that there may be underlying nerve damage, and it might be painful to fix in the future.

It is possible to apply a Smile Makeover in various ways. In this respect, your individual dental situation will be evaluated to choose the best way. For instance, when your desire is a bright full set Hollywood Smile in your upper-lower jaw, or if you would like a gap in your teeth fixed with natural-looking veneers, or if you wish a combination of professional whitening and veneers, we can provide exactly what you ask for. This is not common that all our patients receive treatment with the same outcomes. Your worries will be understood by us.

Our prices are lower because running a dental clinic in Turkey is inexpensive when it is compared to other European countries, and this advantage is reflected our patients by us with the same brand products (like in Switzerland, the USA, and Germany).


Short-Term Treatment - Perfect Results



To provide a healthy and natural smile aesthetics, the final version of the teeth is planned on the photos and the measurements of the patient. The planned teeth are transferred to the mouth of the patient before they are cut with the Mock-Up Technique. The digital smile design is carried out on patient photos with the help of specific software.


To provide the planned smile design, necessary changes are made in the teeth and gums. Anesthesia is not required in some cases, and it is usually done with the help of local anesthesia in some cases. The patient is discharged from the clinic with his/her temporary teeth without waiting.


After the necessary changes are made on the laboratory crown or laminates in line with the prepared planning, the treatment is completed by gluing them on the teeth. The patient has his/her aesthetic smile in as short as 4-5 days.